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Born and raised in Northern Ontario. My dream is to spend my life as a traveler. Someday I'll get out and see the world.
Deanna, 21, Ojibwe & Cree.


Hey everyone, I’ve finally chosen the mods! It was very difficult choosing as all the applicants were really great but I’ve come to a decision at last.

The new mods are:

ariellesallee, justanotherlostthunderbird and thebirdthatmourns.

Thank you to everyone who sent me an application! As for the new mods, I’ll message you all later after I come home. (I’m on my friend’s laptop and I think they’d appreciate it if I gave it back to them.) - mod M

Anonymous said: Do you know if/have a list of homeless/women's shelters allow pets? I hear a lot about revenge or intimidation killing of companion animals to discourage women from leaving abuse, or "get them back" for leaving. For a lot of women with animals, leaving an abusive relationship means risking your pet getting killed by your partner, or risking getting them put down in an animal shelter, or otherwise never seeing them again and that is enough to keep many women from leaving.


Very true; pets aren’t often taken into consideration when it comes to shelters and safe houses, but sometimes offering facilities for pets can mean the difference between someone getting out of an unsafe relationship or staying for fear that their furry loved ones will be hurt in their absence.

Here is a list of shelters equipped to accept survivors of domestic violence and their pets

Here is a Safe Havens for Animals directory

Here is a link to the Red Rover Project, which offers financial assistance to survivors of domestic violence and their pets.

The PAWS Startup Guide gives some interesting statistics regarding the role pets play in domestic violence situations as well as some guidelines to help start or advocate for a PAWS program in your area.





the Lakota woman who was raped as an inmate at Fall River corrections facility (South Dakota) is testifying against the white male guard that raped her today; please send prayers of support and love her way, as what she is about to do can be traumatizing and promises to be emotionally challenging.

Any updates?

he was just acquitted


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

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